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At Pit Bull Lives  Matter All Fur  Babies Matter

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Consist of feeding the homeless, less fortunate, and special needs individuals along with their fur babies

PitbullLivesMatter is an organization based out of Louisiana whose purpose is to end hunger for alot of homeless ​people and their dogs as well as to change the stigma surrounding these amazing dogs! Pit bulls are horribly misunderstood. They are incredibly loyal companions, smart & silly dogs that have been poorly portrayed in the media. They are not only your best friends, they are family to those of us that are lucky enough to have them!

Our short term goal is to find sponsors for our first annual 5K & 10K run for Pits. The proceeds of which will be used towards our main goal which is to open a non-kill rescue in South Louisiana which will employ homeless veterans! With your help we can make this dream a reality!

Services we provide

We are aiming to acquire some sponsorships, donations, and develop lasting relationships with like minded individuals to create a positive impact in the lives of the above mentioned individuals and their fur babies also.

985 - 851- 6867

What our customers &  supporters are saying

Hey I really admire and appreciate what you are doing with the homeless down there in La. I was talking to my wife about this and we really want to do the same thing here in Idaho. But I wanted to make sure it was cool with you and maybe give us some direction on how to start this here and what to expect. If you are cool with that? Please let me know whenever you have a minute. Thank you

From Carl Tuker